Enrollment for the new season 2018-2019



Priority Enrolment for the new school year starts in May! We will take reservations for the new Season, that starts in August. Our classes are very popular and we want to guarantee our current members a place.


We would like to offer members a discount upon enroling for the whole school year. You will find the important information regarding the different enrolment weeks below:


Week 1 (8/13 May) Early birds enrollments

- We would like to offer our 'early birds' an interesting discount of 10% upon enrolling for the full school year. This can save you up to 80 euro!

- And we will offer the first 100 enrolments our 'limited edition' present: a powerbank! 

- Of course we will have something for our small friends as well. Your child can choose a present too.

- To make enrolments easy for you, you do not need to pay anything at the desk and you will only have to sign the enrolment form to specify your class preference.


Week 2 (15/20 May)

- This week will be the same as the first week, with the same presents and discounts, but if you really want that flashy powerbank, you'll have to be quick!


Week 3 (22/27 May)

- During this week we still offer our members a 10% discount upon enrolling for the full school year, which will save you up to 80 euro. For the children we will have a present ready at the desk, but you will probably have a low battery now, since the power banks might be gone  ;)


Week 4 (29 May/3 June) Last chance!

- As of this week we will offer a discount of 7,5% upon enroling for the full school year.

- After this week also non members and people from our waiting list can enroll. It could be possible that classes will be full at this point.


What are the advantages of reserving your spot in this month?
Let’s summarize:
- Guaranteed spot in the class you prefer (no waiting lists)!
- A 10% discount upon enrolling for the Full Season (45 classes --> save up to 80 euro!)
- A chance to win a birthday party, worth 280 euro
- The first 100 enrolments will receive a limited edition power bank
- For all children we have a present ready at the desk

Please see our schedule and talk to one of our instructors for more information and reservations.