Halloween at The Little Gym

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In the week of October 23-29 we will teach our classes within the Halloween theme. Children can come dressed up if they like! (parents too ;))

We also organize a special book sale in our lobby on Friday October 27 as of 9:30 in the morning. Claire Giblin will show and sell a selection of her Usborne books. Come and have a coffee and meet Claire! 

Below, Claire will introduce herself:

My name is Claire and I have just recently rediscovered Usborne Books. My children have both started primary school now and I found myself in the unusual position of having some time to myself and to follow my passion. 

I loved Usborne books as a child, and would sit for hours reading and loved a bedtime story with my parents. In today's fast paced world with Ipads and computers I think children forget about books. 

So today Im going to bring my Usborne books to you and give you an opportunity to share my enthusiasm for books!

Claire Giblin
Independent Usborne Retailer